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Upon first inspection, there may seem to be a wide array of options when choosing a partner for equipment finance. However, if the position of the lessor is taken into account, the options to best serve a typical business are severly reduced.

Often times, a lessor is interested in the quick transaction of a related product. Not at ELGA. We view the signing of a lease as the beginning of a long-term relationship, not the end.

It is an important distinction. Consider that in the world of equipment lessors, many, such as captive and vendor companies, exist soley to lease you a specific product. Others are the leasing arm of a banking institution, where the motive for offering a lease is to transition your business into the more lucrative and traditional banking products of the parent.

As an independent provider, ELGA is unique in that our purpose is not to promote a specific product, or other related products, but to build successful business relationships. For us, it is that simple.

We know that, by providing a tangible value to your business, you'll be more successful and usually, success leads to growth. By forming our relationship early and demonstrating our value, when the time for growth does occur, we hope you'll come back to us for your next equipment need.

To that end, we strive to provide complete equipment solutions which address your complete set of requirements, now and in the future. We then back up those solutions with exceptional customer service. If you are looking for a dependable equipment finance provider, look no further. Call us now, or apply online for an ELGA equipment lease.

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