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In today's competitive marketplace, vendors need more than just a funding source for financing their products. They need a company capable of providing powerful, ready-to-go solutions. That's where ELGA can help. With over 40 years of experience, we make it easy for vendors of all sizes to offer convenient, customer-tailored leasing programs -- a proven way to show the affordibilty of your products and to jump-start sales.

Successful sales organizations use the flexibility and power of leasing to increase profitability in each proposal by breaking down the sales price into easy to manage monthly payments. This approach preserves profit margins by eliminating the need to offer discounts or extended terms. And by eliminating price objections, you shorten your sales cycle.

ELGA specializes in providing custom solutions for the purpose of growing your business. Working together with you, ELGA structures leasing options tailored specifically to your customers' needs and provides a means to expedite the acquisition of your equipment.

At ELGA, we provide a broad array of leasing alternatives with the objective of remaining a long-term financing partner for both you and your client. You'll first experience our commitment on day one, with our representatives working closely with you to meet your marketing and sales objectives, while providing unmatched support and satisfaction.

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Benefits of Offering an Equipment Lease

100% Financing

Unlike conventional financing that may require a down payment as much as 20%, leasing requires only a small advance rental. Installation, taxes, and other soft costs may also be included in the lease.

Flexible Terms

Your customers may choose from a variety of payment alternatives and purchase options, including graduated payment plans, seasonal plans or deferred payments.

Easy to Budget Payments

Lease payments are fixed over the term, eliminating any uncertainty about the future costs of the equipment.

Conservation of Capital

Leasing helps organizations preserve existing capital, retaining funds to be used in profit-generating activities.

Provides Tax Benefits

Monthly payments are often fully deductible for tax purposes, resulting in a lower after-tax cost than conventional financing.

Preserving Existing Credit

An ELGA lease allows your cutomers' existing credit lines to remain intact for other borrowing.

Vendor Services

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